Cellar Sage wine taster

What we do

Cellar Sage is a wine trading community designed to make the dark art of wine trading accessible and easy for our members. We will never be able to simplify the world of wine but we can simplify your experience of investing in fine wines to lay down for the future, be that trading or collecting.

Backed by some of the biggest names in fine wine Cellar Sage delivers an unparalleled yet simple investment platform. We mange your investment which is secured under your name in the finest bonded storage facility in the U.K.

Clients opt in at the beginning of each year in £5,000 blocks (+5% admin fee for each block). Each year clients can choose to opt out, buy one £5,000 block or multiple blocks. We will cater to whatever each client wants to spend and we will look after your cellar whether you buy one block once or multiple blocks multiple times. Cellar Sage will purchase wines for each client according to their investment and cellar strategy, developed in collaboration with our experts.

Wine is stored under each client’s private named account at a secure wine storage facility operated by Private Reserves. Storage fees are for the clients account.

Cellar Sage build bespoke cellars for our clients, their children or God Children as well as advising on presents whatever the budget.